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Here are some pics of a few of the models i have made.

I am constantly adding more, all pics on one page-takes a few secs to load.

Welcome to the project. —Mychaeel

Thank you. i joined this site on April 8, 2002 and i love it... and am glad to be able to add to it. i am a modeler for ut. i tinker a bit with coding, i am not very good (...but i can copy and paste like a MoFo).

Thats me, i like to help- if you have a modeling question, i MIGHT know the answer.

By the way, this site helped me more than chimeric, if it matters :D

It definitely makes for a smug sense of satisfaction.  ;-) —Mychaeel

Hey?! why are there no page hit counters?

i personally would like to know how many people have been helped by certain pages.