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Tarquin: Hi & welcome to the Unreal Wiki!

Sleepite: Thanks very much!!! Yeah I've knocked together a little MAXscript so you can design maps in 3DS MAX then export all the brushes you've defined at once into seperate files - I now need to duplicate the function at the end of Brush>Import within UnrealEd - which the log seems to tell me is polysFactory and although I can get the log to display the right thing just by using:

new polysFactory file=D:\Box01.dxf

I've obviously missed out some parameters cos the brush doesn't change! This whole thing may be futile cos to automate it I spose I aught to be writng in uscript!

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Hello! Welcome to the wiki! :) :tup:

Tarquin: There's Brush Exporting And Importing and Data Import and Export. This polysFactory thing sounds interesting. As for using Uscript, I remember Mych came up with a way of reading config files data in BrushBuilder scripts, but I haven't tried it.

sleepite: Now trying to spy on the editor using various software to see what it's doing - I'll crack this bugger open yet I tell you!... Thanks ZxAnPhOrIaN BTW!