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He's just zis guy, you know?

Hi I'm more or less new here. I've been lurking for quite a while doing some work on my first mutator, Freefall.

Feel free to drop me a line: lloyd@lloydslounge.org

My homepage is quite bare at the moment but I'm learning CSS, yay!: http://www.lloydslounge.org

I'm a Java developer by trade working at a zombie startup company in Santa Monica, California.

Vim is my editor of choice.

Stuff I'm Working On[edit]


  • Freefall : Turn off the gravity in any game.
  • Grapple : A Grappling Hook.

Tarquin: Hi there. glad you've decided to come out of lurkage :)

Piglet: Welcome to the Wiki. (oh and is lurkage a word?)

SocratesJohnson: Thanks!