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Creating your own pawn class - Part 3[edit]


This is the last tutorial on this topic. This tutorial completes the set, by discussing how to get all the parts working together, meaning it will discuss a little bit about code and animation. It was also talk about writing custom AnimBlendNode in Unrealscript. So hopefully, by the end of all three tutorials you will be able to create your own pawn's within RoboBlitz.

Why write your own custom AnimBlendNodes?[edit]

While Unreal Engine 3.0 already comes with a lot of its own anim blend nodes that all do blending depending on various triggers, it could not ever predict every type of trigger you may have in your game/modification. At the very least, Epic has provided us with generic classes which we can subclass on our own. Because it is using unrealscript, make sure you make code that is very concise and tight. Also optimize the code as much as possible, as it will be running per tick. If your anim node blend is not going to be run per tick (it switches between blend states dependent on latent triggers), it may not be required to optimize, but like with any unrealscript code you write ... write good code.

Adding in the AnimTree to your Pawn class[edit]