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About Me[edit]

Well, my name is Vincent Soto. I enjoy creating levels for UT2004, and am currently attempting you learn UnrealScript. Im also attempting you learn 3DS Max, PhotoShop, and PaintShop. I haven't really made that much progress, but i am learning slowly. I also have a good knowledge of HTML and CSS and how it works. Im also trying to learn C++ When im bored, but i have had no luck in that.

How i got started[edit]

I actually was inspired to start mapping by my friend Eliot. I first started out playing Onslaught, because i had no idea that their was other gametypes to try. When i had discovered this, i then started playing Last Man Standing. This gametype was what really got me started in UT2004, as i hadn't played all that much until then. I had played Last Man Standing for probably over a year. After i had been playing LMS for a while, one of my friend told me about this 'sub-gametype' that people called Trials Assault. Although it is just how the maps are setup, everyone considered it a new type. Well, one of the first maps i played was TempleOfTrials, created by Princess_Frosty. A While after that i saw a map that i thought was amazing at the time, create by Eliot, names RoomTrials. I liked this map so much, that i decided i wanted to create my own map. As you could probly had geussed, my first map was a complete disaster, along with the next few Assault map i attempted to create. Over a period of time i learned more and more until now, which i have a good knowledge of the UnreadEditor at this point. People told me that Assault was the hardest gametype to start out with, which i don't see why, as it was fairly simple to learn.

My Work[edit]


All of the work found in this section is released.

FileSizes specified are that of the ZIP file.

Note: Registration is required for all downloads located at Unreal Playground


An assault map which tests the trick-jumping abilities of the players. The map is based off base colors (green, blue, red, etc).

Capture the Flag[edit]

This map was inspired by DM-Dogtown-2k3. All texture used in this map go to the creator of DogTown.
This is a VERY small Instagib CTF map. When you pickup the flag it triggers the security system to activate so it makes it more challenging to score.


A quake style map, or intended to be. Succesful or not, i have no idea. This map i was not worried about the various brushes throughout the map, as you can see if you open the editor. The sizes of the brushes
  • Download: Available at Unreal Playground
  • FileSize: 10.9 MB
  • Credits: Eliot, for modifying the textures used throughout the map.


Latest Update: 12/25/06

All work found in this section is under construction.


This map is another trials assault. I start worked on this just a few days ago, and decided to post it on here today. It will take quite some time to complete this, but im hoping for a fun, and long trials map.

Need Help ?[edit]

If your looking for communities with downloads, or just help with UnrealEd, or Unreal Scripting. Check some of the links below.

Note: Feel free to add links, but please do not remove any of the already available links, thanks.

Unreal Scripting Help


Please don't edit the content on my page, thanks.

Eliot: I like the colors you used in your page and by the way, i didn't create the textures i just made them repeat and gave them a correct size to import them into UnrealEd :).

Soto: Oh, well i have updated according to your information. Thanks for telling me. :D