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Postal 2 :: Actor >> Spawner

Non-visible Actor that spawns other Actors until it runs out, time is out, it dies, or something like that.



bool bActive 
Used by level designers to disable the effects of this actor. False means nothing spawns.
bool bMonitorWorld 
If true, uses NumToKeepAlive to check the entire level for whatever we spawn, and if some already exist, count those as belonging to us until they go away or something. If false, then NumToKeepAlive only counts for the stuff that we spawn (not anything else that's already in the level)
bool bRandomizeRate 
Randomizes the rate a bit to shake things up. Goes from SpawnRate/2 to SpawnRate*3/2
bool bSetActiveAfterTrigger 
If true, we don't start spawning stuff until we're triggered
bool bSpawnWhenNotSeen 
If true, spawn only when we can't be seen by the player
int MaxSpawned 
Total number of this that we spawn. Once we spawn this amount we get destroyed. 0 means don't care
int NumToKeepAlive 
How many to make sure that are alive in the level. 0 means don't care
float PostTriggerStartTime 
Time we wait before we start spawning after a trigger has turned us on.
class<Actor> SpawnClass 
Class of thing to spawn. If you are spawning FPSPawns or any subclass, use PawnSpawner instead
float SpawnRate 
How often to spawn stuff
Material SpawnSkin 
Skin we give to the newly spawned thing
Name SpawnTag 
Tag to give to the newly spawned thing
StaticMesh UseStaticMesh 
StaticMesh to apply to the newly spawned thing

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