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Spectating bots as they play a new map or mod can provide invaluable feedback on a map's bot play and balance, the quality and effectivity of a mod's bot support code, or just give you an impression of how bots deal with a certain situation.

Unreal Tournament[edit]

  1. Go to Options -> Player Setup and check the Play as Spectator checkbox.
  2. Start a botmatch as usual.


As of UT2003 build 2186 (3rd patch) and in UT2004 you can spectate a botmatch as follows:

  • Go to Instant Action, select a map and a number of bots as usual and click the Spectate button.

Prior to build 2186, UT2003 doesn't provide a built-in means to spectate a botmatch; you need a third-party mutator for that.

  1. Download the Spectate Botmatch mutator from (8.5 kB) and install it as described in the bundled readme file.
  2. After selecting Instant Action from the main menu and setting up your match as usual, click the Mutators tab.
  3. Select the Spectate Botmatch mutator from the Available Mutators list to the left and click the Add button to add it to the Active Mutators list to the right.
  4. Click the Play button to start the match.


Like in early UT2003 builds, UT3 does not provide a way to spectate botmatches. The following mutator can be used to start as spectator:

  1. Download and install the Spectate Botmatch mutator according to its readme file.
  2. Select Instant Action from the UT3 main menu, then the gametype and map.
  3. Click on the Mutators button at the bottom of the screen and add Spectate Botmatch to the right side list, then click Accept.
  4. Click the Start Match button to load the map.