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UT :: Actor (UT) >> Light (UT) >> Spotlight

Spotlight is a data-holding class: it doesn't add any new behaviour, it just holds some default properties which make it different from ordinary lights:

  • Advanced -> bDirectional = True
  • Lighting -> LightEffect = LE_Spotlight

These make the light cast in a particular direction. Set this with the Movement -> Rotation property or with the Brush Rotate tool.


In UT2003, UnrealEd 3 tries to be helpful and it all goes HORRIBLY WRONG. When you select a spotlight actor, your 3D viewport camera is matched up with the spotlight's location and rotation, and moving the camera also moves the spotlight. This is a very nice feautre, as it lets you point the spotlight visually.

HOWEVER, this behaviour of attaching an actor to the camera does NOT PROPERLY SWITCH OFF. I selected a static mesh after this and found myself moving it around and rotating it when I was moving the camera.

Mychaeel: Hmm... are you sure you didn't just accidentally click the "eye" icon on the viewport toolbar? I just tried placing a Spotlight in UnrealEd 2003, and by itself it doesn't show that functionality to me.

Tarquin: Very strange. I can't reproduce this, but nor can I reproduce it by clicking the eye icon. Odd.