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UT :: Actor >> Triggers (UT) >> StochasticTrigger

The StochasticTrigger is a type of dynamic trigger that is typically used to trigger random events at random intervals. However, it contains a few variables to make the triggering process a bit more controllable.


This is the array that the actor will select a value from when it is about to call an event.
minReCheckTime, maxReCheckTime 
These are the minimum number and maximum number of seconds that the actor will wait before it tries to trigger another event.
When an event is about to be fired, this value is checked. If the probability check fails, then the act of firing is foregone, and the actor will wait until the next time around to try an event.


Dont forget to set the InitialState of the trigger under "Object" in its properties, else it wont work! :)

exactly that
the actor is only active while it is triggered – ie, when the player steps out of the Trigger, it goes dormant

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