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This page is the starting point for all topics of Mapping, the design and creation of gaming areas (aka, maps or levels) with the Unreal Engine. Beginners should first acquaint themselves with the Mapping Lessons before going over these topics. Also, check out Basic_Procedure for directions on tasks commonly performed when mapping.

Layout Design[edit]

This section covers general planning, layout, gameplay and flow.

  • Gameplay – Super topic on concepts and elements of satisfying game design
    • Gametype – A hub page on mapping for each Unreal gametype
    • Map Design – Game concepts and elements related to map design
    • Map Flow – Maximizing the value of a map's gameplay through design
    • Map Planning – Techniques to define and refine a map layout design


The technical specifics of creating the world. BSP, terrain, static meshes, skyboxes, PlayerStarts. For a gentle introduction to this, follow the Mapping Lessons. The technical concepts involved are explained on Unreal World.

Visual Design[edit]

Using textures, lighting, materials.

Bot Support[edit]

This section covers the standard practice of supporting AI players (aka, Bots).

Miscellaneous AI Support[edit]

This section covers non-standard AI support: Monsters, NPCs, etc.


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