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A wiki page just for me huh? Well... guess I can start with the basics:

General Info[edit]

  • Real Name:Josh *last name omitted*
  • Real Job: USMC... no I'm not joking, I'm really a Marine
  • Current Location: Stationed in Camp Lejeune, NC - Currently deployed to Iraq.
  • Email:
  • Email2:
  • AIM: syntaxerror022
  • YIM: none
  • MSN: same as hotmail
  • ICQ: no longer used

Current Projects[edit]

  • Megatokyo Collection {ON HOLD} UT2003 and 2004, this is a collection of Player Models, Weapons, Maps, and Vehicles based on the popular webcomic Megatokyo. Currently on hold while I focus on Timelines.
  • Battletech:Timelines{PROJECT CANCELED} Joined this project as a coder when the team decided to change games from Battlefield 1942 to UT2004. This is a Total Conversion for UT2004, including using mechs as vehicles and structured multiplayer campaigns with multiple battles and side-stories.
  • Heavy Gear Project{ON HOLD} This project came from the previous Battletech one. It is planned as a more single player experience, however.
  • Player_Modeling_With_3dsmax – AKA the Basics. A player model tutorial for the first time Modder for UT2003/4. Created using 3dsmax 6 and compiling info found around the 'net.
  • Weapon_Modeling_With_3dsmax – More in depth then the player modeling tutorial; this document is meant to get you from Weapon concept to working ingame. This tutorial will require some knowledge of UnrealScript (how to compile, ect.)

Random Discussion[edit]

Syntax_Error: While extremely bored here in Iraq I was digging around the wiki and noticed the are few complete or concise tutorials for people who want to get started with basic modding. Since I don't have much else to do, I would like to write a few up myself using my experience and what I have collected from other tuts out there. I would like to put the tuts up at the links above, but if you wiki regulars think there is a better spot let me know.

Syntax_Error: NOTE: I will consider no reply as no one having any objections to the placement of my tutorials. The first one should be up sometime soon :)

Tarquin: Hi there! Sorry for the belated welcome. (It might be that people think this page is about actual syntax errors... ;) ) Anyway, enjoy your stay here! :)

Syntax_Error: Thanks for the welcome Tarquin, even if it is late :) I have posted my first version of the player model tut. Please bear with me as I don’t have my own computer here in Iraq yet.

Syntax_Error: Recently looked at the impersonator video and it looks quite useful. The tutorial that is available on UDN is in ut4mod format, therefore I will look into it and write up yet another tut for those who cannot use these types of mods.

Syntax_Error: Battletech: Timelines is not as dead as it would seem. See my Timelines project page for more info.

Syntax_Error: How long has it been? A year? Anyway here's a small update. All UT mod work is on hold while I focus on something I will be doing myself. Checkout for the info on my new project, a MUGEN clone, Fighter DX (working title).