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Legacy:Tanus/Developer Journal

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I've finally got around to creating this page, after about 10 months of say 'Yeah, I'll get around to it soon'. Eventually I'll have hosted here all the stuff basically copy pasted from the Syndicate forums, so that it's in a more public light, and other stuff people will find useful in their mods, including:

  • Reloading weps tute (very very old)
  • NPCs (oldish, but still worthwhile)
  • RTS style camera and mouse mode. Works quite well, I think there's a few people around basing mods on it... If you are, can you let me know so I can try it out? I wanna see what people have been able to do with it ;) (When I get some time, I'm actually going to make something with it too...).
  • Proper hitbox hit detection (not fully tested yet... works fine offline, yet to get it working online).