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Legacy:Target Not Found

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"Target Not Found" appears in the console if the class specified is not found after entering

editactor class=[your class]

Note: When compiling a mod with ucc, subclassing a class does not automatically replace its parent class when the game is played. For example, the mutator subclass is only used because you explicitly selected the mutator.

Kerlin: I have no idea what I'm talking about but have the feeling that some of you could add clarity. I only put this here because I received the message after a query on help desk. If this is useless, delete it.

Foxpaw: The part about the "target not found" message could probably go in the console commands page. The part about subclassing would be hard to find a home for - maybe somewhere in the beginner's tutorials. I think that it is fairly obvious to most people how have some experience with Unrealscript (no offense) because all classes in unrealscript are subclasses of something. The only class which is not a subclass of something else is Object.

Kerlin: None taken. :)

Tarquin: Take a look at UnrealScript Lessons. Find one of the "make your fist mutator" tutorials and add something about the subclassing thing there