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Just made a mutator (my first, actually). Woohoo!

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August 15th, 1872

Damn bots. Curses.

August 17th, 1872

Damn bots. Curses.

August 19th, 1872

Great-aunt Wilhemina visits. Charming.

PS. Damn bots. Curses.

Tarquin's First Theory of Mod Teams[edit]

"the more flamboyant the entry, the less work done and the quicker the vanishing act"

Basically, people who do valuable work tend to creep in quietly.

Starting out...[edit]

After your first room, you'll be wanting to do something, like really far out and cool, that really stretches the engine. Big rooms. Lots of moving stuff. Warpzones. Swing bridges.

It'll all go horribly wrong. You'll envisage the thing in your head, and when you build it'll look cool, but when you look at it more critically you'll realise it's a big pile of poo.

Don't worry about it.

It's the learning curve. I think we've all been there. I know I have.

Mine was a swing bridge and lava-type thing. And also sloping walkways with masked grille textures. It was a disaster. I might upload it one of these days, so we can all have a laugh.

Nothing's ever finished[edit]

LostFalls, for Jailbreak. Beta people may report bugs below if they wish. My life!

I can't remember if it was last night as i brushed my teeth, or this morning over breakfast: but I already know of two things I forgot to do in Lostfalls.

How to map[edit]

I remember an old joke: at a scultor's art exhibition, someone asked the sculptor how he created his work. 'How did you make this sculpture of an elephant?' they said. 'Oh, it's very simple,' he replied. 'I start off with a huge block of stone, and I remove all the parts that aren't elephant-shaped.'




The documentation is written by MONKEYS. This page ( ) is about 20 years out of date.

Passwords seem to be set up as global settings. I've managed to break my logon for UnrealWiki, and I stillcan't log into Wikipedia to commit changes.



Highlander: I agree wholeheartedly

Mychaeel: Erm. Can we delete this page now?

Tarquin: Yup. I was just venting. Mych, could you email me the password for the CVS repository? Following the (bad) ssh instructions broke my logon. how the heck do I run multiple logons with that thing?

Mychaeel: Logons are saved on a per-CVSROOT basis. The passwords are stored (in encrypted form) in a file called .cvspass in your Windows user directory (or whatever else you specified as your "HOME directory" in the "WinCvs" tab of the "Preferences" dialog).

I can't tell you which password you have because I frankly don't know anymore, and the passwords are encrypted. I can, however, give you an entirely new password if you send me one (either in plain text or encrypted with "crypt", for instance via perl -e"print crypt 'mypass', 'tq'").

I agree though that WinCvs has a few bugs whose presence in a version that has seen a release to the general public is hard to comprehend. (I absolutely do not understand why it sorts file names in reverse alphabetical order by default, for instance, and won't let me change that default beyond a single session.) Using WinCvs deems me more convenient for most everyday tasks though than using the commandline "cvs" tool. For one, it nicely highlights the files that have been changed in a directory.

If somebody knows an alternative for Windows though I'd be happy to give it a try.

Tarquin: The only .cvspass file on my system no longer contains anything about UnrealWiki. Not sure how that came about. What baffles me is this: logons are on a per-directory basis: each folder has a /cvs/root file with the address of the remote server. But the Logon menu command – how does it know which server you're trying to log into? :con:

El Muerte TDS: WinCVS needs native SSH support, using PuTTY sshagent is just a pain, or a way to prompt for a password that will replace an option in the commandline would also be nice. I just don't want to put my password in plain text.

Eldhrin: you could probably get things up and running using CVS and SSH under Cygwin, but that's not particularly fun...