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UT2003 :: Actor >> Info >> ReplicationInfo >> TeamInfo (Package: Engine)

Holds information about a team.

See TeamInfo (UT) for the UT version of this class.


color AltTeamColor (replicated to clients) 
Alternate display color for this team.
string ColorNames[4] (localized) 
Team color names. (red, blue, green, gold)
class<Pawn> DefaultPlayerClass 
A default Pawn class to use when a player's class is not allowed in this team. (only implemented in the subclass UnrealTeamInfo)
Actor HomeBase (replicated to clients) 
A team's home base actor, e.g. the bomb goals in Bombing Run.
float Score (replicated to clients) 
The team's current score.
int Size 
The current number of players in this team.
color TeamColor (replicated to clients) 
Primary display color for this team.
int TeamIndex (replicated to clients) 
This team's team number.
string TeamName (localized, replicated to clients) 
The team's display name.


Inherited From Actor

string GetHumanReadableName ( ) 
Returns the team's human readable name. If the TeamName has not changed from its default, the color name corresponding to the team number is returned, or "TeamName TeamIndex" if the team number doesn't have a corresponding color name. Otherwise only the TeamName is returned.

Other Methods

bool AddToTeam(Controller Other) 
Tries to add the Controller to this team and returnes whether it was successfully added.
bool BelongsOnTeam(class<Pawn> PawnClass) 
Returns whether a Pawn class is allowed in this team.
RemoveFromTeam(Controller Other) 
Removes a Controller from this team.

Known Subclasses

 +- UnrealTeamInfo
     +- DMRoster
     |   +- xDMRoster
     |       +- (various subclasses used in the single player DM ladder)
     +- xTeamRoster
         +- (various subclasses used in the UT2003 single player team ladders)
         +- UT2K4TeamRoster
             +- (various subclasses used in the UT2004 single player team ladders)
             +- UT2K4PhantomRoster