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Hi, I'm Techno_JF. In my most major role, I am a map reviewer for http://www.unrealsp.org . My contributions to the wiki have gotten slim because I am attempting to be a fan fiction author and a mapper as well, but I still felt that I needed to keep a user page on the wiki that looks like I care.

Right now, my e-mail address is the primary means of getting a hold of me:

Email: harmonicbow@yahoo.com

However, people can also leave me messages by adding them to the end of this page, especially if they are "wiki-relevant" messages.

Right now, I'm trying to work through the ScriptedPawn pages, because a few of them STILL haven't even been created. However, other people who are thinking about editing these pages should know that I have uploaded images for all of Unreal 1's monsters (all such images begin with ScriptedPawn in the name).

Gehn: I saw on another page that your working on Sweeney's reference. Any way I can help. I don't know much about UScript but if its organization or converting to a acceptable format then I think I could help. savepotatoes@msn.com

GRAF1K: Sorry, Gehn: Techno JF last edited this page May 6 – He hasn't been around for a while.

Gehn: Thanks for the info. oh well.