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The Terminology page is an excellent resource; to keep it that way, we have agreed on the following style rules for this page:

  • The Terminology page is not supposed to provide in-depth explanations; the descriptions of terms should just give people an idea what the term is about and then (if necessary) link to another page with in-depth information. As a rule of thumb, an explanation on the Terminology page shouldn't be more than a (normal) single sentence.
  • If a term needs more space to explain, create a new page (like the page on color blending for translucency).
  • Add entries by abbreviations since they're more likely to be searched for (DLL, HOM, BSP) – and if not, an abbreviation can be more easily derived from an unabbreviated term than vice-versa. Explain what the abbreviation means after the m-dash.
  • Create cross-references like "see Something" if it's necessary to add variations of the same term at several places.

To sum it up: Keep explanations brief, reasonably accurate, but most of all, understandable. If it's going to be more elaborate, create a separate Wiki page and link to it. And: Sacrificing a bit of scientific precision for comprehensibility isn't necessarily a bad thing.

See 113877 for the discussion on this topic.