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Masked Textures[edit]

Each texture uses an 8-bit palette (256 colors) which can have 255 opaque and 1 masked color. Any parts of your texture which uses the masked color will appear transparent in the game.

You need an image editing program which supports Palette editing or Bright (an image converting program created by Epic).

You can pick any color which will give good contrast with other parts of the texture (to avoid getting holes in non-masked areas and edges). Place it it into the 0 slot of the Color Table when you palettize the image and click the Masked checkbox when you import it into UEd.


Check modulated and unlit. Use with surfaces that have a grey background, such as Botpack.Wallcrack1.

See Color Blending for more information on how Modulated textures are rendered.


Pure Mirror[edit]

Check mirror. Note that the detail texture of the surface still shows.

Shiny surface[edit]

  • Mirror
  • Translucent

Reflects and shows the original texture. Good for marble, for example.

Render To Texture[edit]

This is for UT2k3 or later.

  1. Choose a texture. For example: AWMagic texture package -> "ScriptedTexture BCamRed [1Pass]
  2. Choose a surface.
  3. Add a camera type. For example: Class -> actor -> keypoint -> InterpolationPoint -> matinee interpolation point
  4. Aim the camera. Rotate it so that the sight box is aimed to the point that is to be viewed.
  5. Link the camera to the texture. Add actor -> info -> CameraTextureClient to the level.

Go back to the texture browser, select the original scripted texture, now go into the properties of the CameraTextureClient actor, and expand the branch of the same name, click on DestTexture and then click use.

Type into CameraTag InterpolationPoint (that is unless you used some other camera or tagged it differently

Now you have a camera surface!

Sobiwan: I dont use UT2k3, but started condensing this description until the last steps jumped around to the point I did not understand it.

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EricBlade: Everything here but Masked and Camera seems to apply only to UT, not later versions.. should this be renamed?