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General info[edit]

Nickname: The Alien
Contact info: the__alien <weird letter "a"> lycos <round character> com .
Specialties: music in the Unreal Engine, music modules, zero-G zones
Homepage: I & II
I'm retired from UEd since a looong time now (since 2003 or so).


the G.o.a.T: Welcome on board dude :)

The Alien:Hello!!! :wave:

Nice place. I'll be adding some info here now and then ;)

the G.o.a.T: glad to hear that ;)

tarquin : you're the 25th person on the Contributors list! W000000t!
the G.o.a.T : 25th ?? cool ;) UnrealWiki is definetely making progress ;)
The Alien: Phew! This Wiki markup is some hard stuff! =\ I'll learn it eventually though. / me heads to the sandbox to play!! =)
Tarquin: the basics are: == each side of a heading ; * for bullets ; # for numbered lists, and double return for a paragraph break. You don't need BR in lists BTW.
the G.o.a.T : Unreal Wiki = cool
The Alien: Ooooh! I was wondering where this page actually was. Seems like I've found it! =) It's on the project contributers page (don't laugh, it was hard enough finding it, OK? LOL! :D)
Anyways, I'm now working on a skin for UnrealWiki. Should be done soon enough. After that, I'm gonna add something to the music section, since I know the most about that (after reading through tons of tutes on it). Hmm....I don't notice any difference between the Emphasize, strongly and 'very strongly'...wassup?
Tarquin: that's just me running out of ideas for the CSS... are you working on a header file, a stylesheet or both? I'm in the process of updating the script, it's shortly going to put the entire Wiki content inside a DIV class=Wiki, which will make avoiding clashes between header and body styles much easier, also means the body tag can have margins & padding set to 0 so the header is flush with the page, and then the wiki div chooses its own margins. email me if you want the template.
The Alien: The three ways to make a text bold, does work, but only for bigger font sizes. For example, H1 can have a boldness range of 100-900. That's kinda what I'm also using in the stylesheet. AFAIK, this effect doesn't become visible with smaller font sizes. Dunno how it displays on other screens. You could make the emphasize bold, the strongly bold+italic and the very strongly bold, italic+underlined. You should ask for a little feedback from the others ;-)
For now, I'm just working on the stylesheet itself. The header file needs a bit more time to figure out on my end ;-)
I just need to edit the headings, table & ul/ol tags. If it's just the class=Wiki that's gonna change, I could just make every tag inherit this class or something (think I got it the other way round...). Is this change gonna be temporary? If not, then there's little point in adjusting the stylesheets.
Tarquin: Wiki body only uses H2 - H5 so in headers so far I've stuck to H1 and H6 and declared things like #header A. So for ul, ol, table etc it's fine to do anything globally. I'm wondering whether to try applying one of the Wiki table syntax patches, there are a few available I think. They allow tables to be made with the | character in Wiki. I've quickly put some notes on Project Skins.
The Alien: The tables patch seems pretty handy, especially for newbies at HTML. I don't really mind either of the methods. With HTML tables, I can edit the colspan, rowspan, bordercolor etc. Dunno about this Wiki syntax table...
So what's the part in the stylesheet saying:
H2+H3, H2+H4, H3+H4  {

margin-top:2px;}  ?? Are those combitations of headings you can make? Oh and can you tell me the locations of different forms on UnrealWiki, i.e. the save/preview/summary form (when editing pages), the forms in Preferences the search form (below each page) and so on... I was wondering whether there are more here. I need to check them with the stylesheet I'm making. ;-)

Tarquin: H2+H3 means an H3 that follows immediately after an H2. I've used it in the blue style to add a bit of extra space between consecutive headings, and in the textbook style to make the heading blocks flush with each other. I'm not sure how many forms there are. I think you've covered the ones most users see. There's a couple of admin forms: rename pages, ban IP. I think that's it.
The Alien:OK, so far so good. BTW, why are there two times dl and dl dt in the stylesheet?
Tarquin: ooops...
The Alien: LOL, OK from what I see, I've completed the stylesheet. Check your email. ;)
the G.o.a.T: OK, when can see the results of this secret gathering here?? ;) And Tarquin, what about that navigation bar on the left, is it still coming?
Tarquin: the nav bar & new styles are coming soon. I posted a screenie to BU Off-Topic recently, do a search there if you want a preview. Unfortunately, it doesn't work in IE, only Mozilla & Opera so it won't be the default header :(
the G.o.a.T: Ok this is new to me. You made sumtin that works in those browsers but not IE?? I've always found that it mostly the other way around, it works in IE but not those others. Weird :/
The Alien: Does that huge javascript text go into the heading? Couldn't you add a DHTML or XML nav bar? Dunno if it can be done... It's a shame...the nav bar in the pic looks very nice =)
Tarquin: there's no javascript, it's all done with CSS. The bar floats frame-like and IE6 doesn't support this... I'll play around & try an inferior version that moves with the content, maybe I can get that to work on all platforms.
Don't mention XML, I'll be too tempted to convert the whole site over to it... :-D
the G.o.a.T: XML is good/cool though :o
The Alien: I didn't know there was a way to add text with CSS. I always thought most of it was just lay-out :confused:
Wormbo: There is a way, but IE doesn't support it.
The Alien: That's a real shame... :(