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I've had a learning curve that was kind of a learn as i go. I would think of ideas and would be forced to learn ways to accomplish what i wanted to know, then i remembered it.

DM-Doom Room 1[edit]

My first map. I had this vision in my head to create a good layout that would provide some nice deathmatching. Well it turned out alright except for the fact that the hallways were most definitly boring. That is something you do, spice long corridors up with height and mabey some crazy lights to make it unique and to know where you are. I used masked textures to make grates and had lava under it to make it stand out. Nice but i overused it. Some with the use of red lights. It looks good if its is just used mabey twice but to use it all over the place is just overkill. I also learned how to use movers to make cages. Good job self. It is a nice touch and can also save you from spawn campers.

DM-Doom Room 2[edit]

My second map. I wanted to create a map that can be used as 1 on 1. It wasnt a bad attempt but one problem happened when i went crazy and put all the overpowerfull weapons on the upper part leaving it quite a problem if anyone would manage to get up there. I also learned that a skybox can really increase the look of your maps. I also picked up on the architecture part of mapping and tried to connect a bunch of girders to make the "star of david" (Im not jewish) it looked kind of neat but i left the walls pretty plain. So that was bad. I also made my first warp zone. I learned that they can really up the flow of your maps, all you have to do is just walk into what looks like nothing. You really cant tell it is a warpzone until you run into the same door somewhere else.

DM-Doom Room 3[edit]

My third map. Yes i went a little crazy on this one indeed. It was a great map except for the problem of lighting. I was looking at other peoples maps and the darker ones looked better. So me the idiot went overkill on the lighting and made it pitch dark. It looks nice but you get blown away real fast when you cant see your targets. And I learned to use lightboxes to spice up the atmosphere. Not a bad idea when you have got a pitch black environment, same thing goes with the use of ambident sounds. They can really help the atmosphere.


My fourth map. An honest attempt at an arena type map. Not bad but the face that the walls and floors were quite boring lowered the map. I learned to create glass that can be broken when shot and that really impressed me when i seen it smash. It looks nice too and can provide some wacky ideas if you use these in between floors.

DM-Lunar Insanity[edit]

My Fifth released map. Not a bad attempt at a space map. I had problems with my skybox (BSP ERRORS) though and i decided to not make one which made my map look cruddy. I put a fix for the problem in at SkyBox.

I also experimented with kickers which i found out work quite insane with low gravity and can provide some intresting gameplay. Another thing i experimented was with pathing thin girders that make up the architecture in the level, it added a whole new expirence to my main idea. The bots where now jumping all over the place, great for an instagib match.

DM-Positron 2[edit]

This map wasn't bad because I did incorperate alot of ideas like the exploding glass once again and the warpzones to make it seem crazy.But it just didn't flow the same as the first positron. I think it was because of the large and long corridors. They took so long to travel down and also the framerate would drop extreamly large when looking through both warpzones. I guess you can say it had infinity polys.


This Is my first CTF map and I thought it was nice looking and playing. But the bots had trouble with the defence points I rarly seen them use them. For CTF levels I learned that if you dont want a sniper fight than keep something blocking the bases view. Which also is a problem that lets other players take over your base if they happen to be better shots than your team. Also another thing is to not use a little spawn room with a mover to drop you into the fight because it holds you back from the battle and lets the other team have more time in your base.


I thought this map looks nice and this was my first time expirementing with lasers and such to use as painzones. It works nicely. This was also my first 1 on 1 map. I had some trouble to get the bots to kill each other when the level starts so I fixed it by spreading the weapons around and providing a clear line of sight between the playerstarts to get constant action. I did have a door where you start but that just wrecked gameplay.


I thought of an idea to create a quakish looking map. I for some reason recall playing a map that looked similar but I dont remember its name so I decided to map it out of memory. Not that bad and this was my first time playing with retexturing edges to make platforms look nicer. I thought it turned out ok but I was trying to achieve an arena look and not so much a huge map.

DM-Lunar Insanity 2[edit]

To me this map was a great idea and it looks pretty good. I like the greyish textures because they looked awesome on Dr.Frag's DM-1on1-Contact so I set my textures the same. I also had the idea to fiddle with a bunch of loop movers to create the rings of death. Now that I think about it I should have set it to move by time and not glide so that it seems to be always moving. I liked how I set it up. And this was my first time working with a rotating skybox and I just loved how that flowed with everything. I also like the music selection because I heard this song and it got me motivated to make a space map.


I think this map went rather well. I put alot of work into it. Later on I actually forgot I had the map and started up again where I left off. It was my first time pathing kickers and with the help of this site I actually understood how easy it is. I had alot of messed up Ideas I wanted to try so thats why the map may look alittle wack. I think it was worth making.


Yes a quick map indeed. I made a conversion of Jedi Knight 2's Carbon Chamber. I thought it would look neat in UT. It actually turned out pretty good considering it took 2 days. I was rather on task the whole day mapping. Not much new I tried in here except making bent pipes by making cylinders and sort of rotating them sideways doing a deintersect and then adding them. Something to try.

Other Creations[edit]

I made up the wiki rap! (Im an idiot but i created it.)

It goes as follows : When your down ya gota turn that frown upside down and visit THE WIKI for some quicky tips and tricks to make your maps bust caps!

Upcoming Maps[edit]

I'm thinking of updating my old maps and relasing them. I got mabey around 3 to 5 to be relased after I redo texturing, lighting and detailing.