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UT :: Actor (UT) >> Keypoint (UT) >> ThrowStuff (Package: UnrealShare)

The ThrowStuff keypoint can be used to cause actors whose tag matches the ThrowStuff keypoint’s event to be tossed using the vector specified in throwVect. If Numthrows is larger than 1, the actors will be thrown again after the specified interval. If bRandomize is true, the throwVect will be randomly altered for every toss. Having Numthrows > 1 and bRandomize can be useful for making stuff get tossed around during an earthquake.

Other potential uses for a ThrowStuff keypoint include launching a creature in a specified direction when triggered by the player, or turning the physics on of actors when a brush they are on tips and you want them to slide/fall off (in this case, use a ThrowVect of (0,0,0), and they will just be set to falling).


Inherited from Actor (UT)[edit]

name Event 
This needs to be set to match all Tags of actors that should be tossed.

ThrowStuff group[edit]

bool bRandomize 
If true, the throwVect will be altered randomly each toss.
float Interval 
The interval between tosses, if Numthrows > 1.
int Numthrows 
Actors will be thrown again after specified Interval.
vector throwVect 
The direction to toss actors whose Tag matches this ThrowStuff's Event.

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