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UT :: Actor (UT) >> NavigationPoint (UT) >> Transporter (Package: UnrealI)

The Transporter is an actor that only works in classic Unreal (in other words, it doesn't even work in classic UT). It finds all the players in the map and adjusts their location by the value of its only new property, a vector named Offset.

For a demonstration of how this actor works, open the classic Unreal map named ExtremeDGen.unr in UnrealEd.

The reason this actor doesn't work in UT is because of shortsighted design in the script for this class. The actor will only reset the locations of actors of class UnrealIPlayer. UT uses the TournamentPlayer class for its players.

(A mod called OldSkool Amp'd contains a hack to correct this when Unreal's maps are played in UT.)