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Actor >> Triggers (UT) >> TriggeredTexture

TriggeredTexture controls a ScriptedTexture (UT) and allows you to switch between different textures displayed on a brush surface. Used, for instance, for the monitors in in AS-OceanFloor that initially display "Computer online" and switch to "Computer offline" as soon as a terminal has been destroyed.


The ScriptedTexture (UT) controlled by this TriggeredTexture actor. Note that although this property accepts a regular texture, the TriggeredTexture won't work if you don't really use a ScriptedTexture.
List of regular Texture (UT)s that the TriggeredTexture will cycle through when triggered. Initially, the Texture in slot 0 (zero) is displayed; each time you trigger the TriggeredTexture, the display advances to the next slot. The first slot containing None marks the end of the list.
If set, goes through the list only once (rather than switching back to the first slot after the last has been reached).

How To Use[edit]

  1. Apply a ScriptedTexture (UT) (for instance Monitor1 to Monitor8 from Indus7.utx) wherever you want the dynamic texture to appear. (It will look blank in UnrealEd.)
  2. Place a TriggeredTexture actor somewhere in your map.
  3. Open the TriggeredTexture's properties and set its DestinationTexture property to the ScriptedTexture you used in the first step.
  4. Fill the Textures slots with the textures you want to display on the ScriptedTexture.
  5. Add a Trigger that triggers the TriggeredTexture whenever the displayed texture should change. (To link the Trigger and the TriggeredTexture, set the Trigger's Event property to the same value as the TriggeredTexture's Tag property.)

Note that the color palette isn't changed. So if your textures doesn't share the same palette, or have identical palettes(?), the other texture's colors will be messed up.

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