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Homepage: http://www.tdsfa.org
Email: trystan@tdsfa.org
Occupation: Programmer (web and database :))
Location: St. Louis, MO, USA

I'm twenty six, married, with two kids, a dog, and three cats. I'm clinically insane.. oh, wait, I'm not supposed to tell you that.. Er. :) Most of my contributions to Wiki are in Developer Journals/Trystan.

Wormbo: Welcome to the Wiki, Trystan. :) Now that you added yourself to the Developer Journals, you can add your name to the Category:Legacy Personal Page list as well.

Trystan: Thanks Wormbo! I'm hoping someone somewhere actually finds my endless words to be of use. :)

Kerlin: St. Louis? I'm in O'Fallon! Same occupation, btw. Mostly database, though.

Trystan: I'm actually in St. Charles, right off Elm and 370. =) Have any kids? Mine need playmates. :)

Kerlin: I know where that's at. I'm off hwy 40 at Winghaven Blvd/Bryan road. Got a 9 year old who's heavily into Bratz!, Sims, and Rollercoaster Tycoon. Barbie Secret Agent is the closest I can get her to an FPS at this point. She scolds me when I play "gun games". :)

Trystan: hehe, I've got a five year old that's better at FPS than I am (and his mother hates the fact that I let him play them =)) and a 1 year old daughter who's refusing to walk - even though she does when she doesn't think about it. Yea, yer not far at all. LAN party! Anyone else from the St. Louis area reading this?!

Kerlin: Sounds like a plan! I got two guys I used to work with at StreamSearch.com (now folded) who're dying for some LAN action....

Raist: Heh im from St Louis as well :P