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My name is TwelveBaud.

In UT Online I go by King Arthur.

In IRC I'm either TwelveBd or KngArthr.

My real name is Andrew Cook, not that you care.

I run Unreal Tournament, with 2 gigabytes of mods. It takes me over ten minutes to start any one game, multiplayer or not. This is why I haven't upgraded to levels beyond.

I work in Java 1.5, Visual Basic 7, PHP 4 newest release, and UnrealScript.

I write code that is for the most part invisible, and I like code that acts that way, rather than spewing "happy" textures all over my monitor like some demonic fire hose. However, the fire hose code is for the most part both stable and fast, neither of which apply to my code.

My goal as a Wiki member is to use what's here to ensure that I don't screw up, and to write up stuff if by some miracle it isn't here and by some greater miracle I actually find out what it was I was looking for here.


EntropicLqd: Hi, Welcome to the Wiki.

Tarquin: Howdy! :)