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Hey, I'm Tynan.

I do everything that has to do with the Unreal Engine mod design. I'm best at level design. I also know modelling, uvm mapping, skinning (photosource or no), sound engineering (mixing/importing), rigging, animation, web design, and coding.

Currently, I'm putting my skills to use at a mod I'm designing called Elemental Conflict. So far I've got three fully implemented weapons including a new aiming and ammunition/encumbrance system. I've also changed the game structure to a round-based system. Also, I've added a set of special abilities that players can use to give themselves an advantage (booster rockets, temporary chemical speed enhancement, etc)

My website is at

My email is

EC Project Stuff:[edit]

-Today I fixed an infinite loop bug in the invntory linked list system. It was linking on itself.-

-Damn, reloading online is becoming really hard. My frickin function calls refuse to replicate.-


-Got new player models, new shotgun, new menus, bug fixes, head replacement system, new bot code, -

new fire code, new weapon flash, impact and blood effects, new player hurting code, new website,

1000 posts on the forums. Progress continues.

View the EC bug list here:

Wormbo: Welcome to the Wiki. :)

Corran: Enjoy your stay.

MythOpus: Welcome to the wiki ~m8~ I'm the one who you won't see as much as all others :D

Tynan: Thanks guys. I've been hanging around the BU forums for a few months now, so I figured I might as well make a Wiki page too.

MythOpus: Wo! Tynan... I never knew it was YOU! Hows the mod doing?

Tynan: Quite well. Just got two new very helpful team members and I've been polishing the core game myself. All the good stuff is on my site and forums. and .