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UnrealScript Renderer[edit]

it is not an actual render device, but instead draws the entire scene onto the canvas

the calculations are all per-pixel which gives the renderer realtime lighting and shadows specular and hopefully other effects in the future :P

the renderer is extremely slow (for obvious reasons) and the renderer runs best at 40x30 to 64x48 it cannot render meshes(only renders the collision cylinders) which makes it quite useless really =P but it was intresting to make

will update description later

First Test version[edit]

black and white lighting only, very simple lighting calculations (no surface normal taken into account) so surfaces lack definition


the cylinder on the bottom left picture is a bot ;)

a short video is available here:

http://uarch.dyndns.org/ur/_Render.avi 3.3MB

Second version[edit]

huge step up from the previous version with colored lighting, specular, and distance fog

this version also lets you take screnshots much larger than the "render resolution" and has settings to enable/disable certain features

some higher resolution pictures which were taken at 256x192(i think) (actual render resolution was 40x30)



also below are 4 comparison screenshots, taken from DM-TDC-Derdak made by Derdak2rot for the theme design contest pack which is available at nalicity http://nalicity.beyondunreal.com/map_hub.php?mid=9122

on the left are normal screenshots of the map and on the right are screenshots with the unrealscript renderer



Future plans[edit]

volumetric and raytraced fog and possibly some additional lighting effects like coronas or bloom

will probably move this to 2k4 for performance reasons

The Code[edit]

Light Calculation

Version 3[edit]

this was actually done quite a while ago but i forgot to update this page

version 3 features volumetric lighting, soft shadows ambient occlusion, fisheye and panoramic rendering and also a crappy global illumination method which pushes the render time up by several hours..and doesnt look too great either :P having soft shadows and gi basically makes it non-realtime since it takes too long to render each frame


solid color material pass
lighting pass
lighting with soft shadows
volumetric light, i know..it looks terrible ;) plenty of artifacts here
global illumination pass
Completed render using all features, this was rendered at 800x600 and took about 9 hours, the global illumination is very noisy and doesnt reflect color just brightness
global illumination test
panoramic render test
final scene rendered at 800x600 with high settings, i cant remember how long this took, i left it on overnight :P


work on the realtime renderer a bit more

add better(more evenly distributed) raytracing for soft shadows and global illumination

translucent materials

anti aliasing


Xian: WOW, very impressive. I look forward to seeing the next version, keep up the good work :) It's nice to see another fellow UT developer, since so many moved to UE2 (UT2004 in particular).

UArch should probably update this at some point, light calculation code above is old and..well..crap ;)

UArch should have a nifty update to this code soon, added some optimizations to the renderer mostly to do with soft shadowing and gi, added support for "plug-ins" (dynamically loaded static-classes to add custom ray-tracing methods and such)

gi is still really noisy and well...it sucks to put it simple ;P i need to find an even hackier and faster method!..in uscript i think this may be an impossibility