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UT2003 :: Actor >> Pickup >> TournamentPickup >> UDamagePack

This is the pick-up actor for the damage amplifying power-up. UDamageCharger spawns this automatically when the game begins (see xPickUpBase.PostBeginPlay).

Unlike weapons and ammo, this pickup doesn't give players invetory. This is what happens:

  1. the pickup it calls EnableUDamage() on the touching Pawn.
  2. xPawn's implementation of EnableUDamage() does a number of things:
    1. spawns a UDamageTimer, with the Pawn as the owner
    2. sets the Timer() function on the UDamageTimer
    3. displays visible effects
  3. UDamageTimer destroys itself and calls DisableUDamage() on its owner pawn



bool bInstantRespawn 
The UDamagePack will wait the RespawnTime before spawning a new power up unless this is set to true.
class<Pickup> InventoryType 
This is the item this Pickup will spawn. (Default set to "None".)
string PickUpBase 
Default set to "None".
string PickupForce 
Default set to "UDamagePickup".
string PickupMessage 
This is a message that will be displayed when a power up is taken.
string PickupSound 
This is the sound played when a power up is taken.
float RespawnTime 
The time interval that the UDamagePAck will wait before spawning a new power up.