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This is a page about how to add content to the wiki. See also New Contributors Quick Start. Don't link new tutorials here!

There's been concern about how to organize UT2003 information alongside UT information. The general principles are outlined below. Two essentials to keep in mind are:

  1. Make sure the reader knows whether your content pertains to UT or UT2003 or both.
  2. Provide context to the reader in the form of links to other pages already on the site.

Pages with new information[edit]

Some existing pages need new information. For example, new elements of Class Syntax. If there's a huge change:

  1. create a new page called "Page name (UT)"
  2. move the old UT content to that page
  3. update "page name", and give a link to the UT page you've made

If there's only a small change, just update.

If there wasn't much UT stuff, you can just rule off and shove it and the bottom of that page.

Class pages[edit]

A special case of the above. See the Actor Class Hierarchy for the best current info on what to do with UT2003 classes, and use the Class Wikifier to quickly generate variable lists from scripts. Remember to:

  • label what you write. Establish the context as UT2003.
  • put links to what you write in sensible places. Make sure people can find what you write

New pages[edit]

Again, establish context.

Related Topics[edit]


JoeDark: Much of the stuff on this page seems to have been written before UT2003 was released. How much of it is necessary and accurate? It still seems uncertain, is it all the final way things are working now?

Tarquin:~ I've updated the above to what I think is current policy. I think all the topic pages have been handled; there's tons of class pages and tutorials what are still UT out there though.

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