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UWindowBase >> UWindowWindow >> UWindowsDialogControl

Base class for all kinds of dialog controls like menus, lists, check boxes, combo controls, etc.

When properly created they will report event to the UWindowDialogClientWindow they are in, using it's Notify event


Event Description
DE_Created Called when control was just created, before it was placed in the tab-togle list. DE_Created is called twice.
DE_MouseEnter User moved the mouse cursor, and it's now hovering above the control.
DE_MouseMove Uesr moved the mouse cursor, and it's still hovering above the control.
DE_MouseLeave User moved the mouse cursor, and it's now no longer hovering above the control.


UWindowDialogClientWindow NotifyWindow 
A UWindowDialogClientWindow that receives Notify function calls from this control.
string Text 
Some caption text.
int Font 
color TextColor 
A color for displaying text.
TextAlign Align 
The TextAlign enum is declared in UWindowBase.
float TextX, TextY 
changed by BeforePaint functions
bool bHasKeyboardFocus 
bool bNoKeyboard 
Doesn't accept key presses.
bool bAcceptExternalDragDrop 
string HelpText 
Some descriptive text.
float MinWidth, MinHeight 
minimum heights for layout control
UWindowDialogControl TabNext, TabPrev 
Next/previous UWindowsDialogControl to focus when the tab key is pressed.


SetHelpText (string NewHelpText) 
Set the tooltip text for the control. (see Useful UWindow Extensions/Tooltips)
SetText (string NewText) 
Set the caption text of the control.
SetFont (int NewFont) 
Set the font used to display the control's caption. You should use the font constants from UWindowBase.
SetTextColor (color NewColor) 
Set the color of the control's caption text.
Register (UWindowDialogClientWindow W) 
Registers this control to a UWindowDialogClientWindow. This is done automatically when the control is created with the CreateControl method of the UWindowDialogClientWindow.
Notify (byte E) 
Sends events to the registered UWindowDialogClientWindow.
bool ExternalDragOver (UWindowDialogControl ExternalControl, float X, float Y) 
UWindowDialogControl CheckExternalDrag (float X, float Y) 

Known subclasses[edit]