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Use this if your client window is to big for the frame or tab. UWindowScrollingDialogClient takes care of scrollbars and an optional non-scrolled area at the bottom.

UWindowScrollingDialogClient will read the values from DesiredWidth and DesiredHeight (Defined in UWindowDialogClientWindow) to check the size of the client window.


bool bShowHorizSB 
If set to false horizontal scrollbar will never be shown
bool bShowVertSB 
If set to false vertical scrollbar will never be shown
UWindowDialogClientWindow ClientArea 
client window that will be scrolled by the scrollbars.
UWindowDialogClientWindow FixedArea 
An area at the bottom, that won't be scrolled.
class<UWindowDialogClientWindow> ClientClass 
Class type of the client window.
class<UWindowDialogClientWindow> FixedAreaClass 
Class type of the fixed area, or none if not used.
UWindowVScrollBar VertSB 
Vertical scrollbar.
UWindowHScrollBar HorizSB 
Horizontal scrollbar.
UWindowBitmap BRBitmap 
Piece to fill the small square gap on the lower right of the page when both scrollbars are visible.

Known Subclasses[edit]