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On UT, UZ files are used to store packages under compressed form on redirection sites. These redirection sites provide a faster means for a client to download packages a server needs and avoids hindering the overall performance of a server. They seem to use the Huffman codec which is also used by the WinZip standard.

For example to redirect a map on your own UT server:

  • Take an UNR map.
  • Optionally embed it with any media used, such as UAX sounds, UMX music or UTX textures.
  • Use the Ucc tool to convert the map to a UZ package; "UCC compress mapname.unr". Use "UCC help" for more information.
  • Place the file in a redirection location on the web (with preferably fast upstream).
  • In the file "UnrealTournament.ini", under section "[IpDrv.HTTPDownLoad]", add this location behind "RedirectToURL=", for example: "RedirectToURL=" (and make sure "UseCompression" is set to "True" (default)).

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