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This article unofficial. It is not written by any affiliate of the UnWheel team nor is it endorsed by them.


What is UnWheel?[edit]

UnWheel is a racing mod for UT2003/UT2004. Its objective is not to be a racing simulation, but rather a fun game with a lot of nice game types.

What does it require?[edit]

For the 1.1 Beta version, UT2003 is needed. If you feel like playing subsequent versions, i.e. Beta 3 and later, you will have to own a copy of UT2004.

What kind of vehicles does it incorporate?[edit]

The vehicles vary from racing cars (such as the Motana cars and the Shaguar) over simple cars (for example the Bugger) and non-traditional vehicles (e.g. the Centipede) to prototypes and special cars (for instance, the SmarMobile).

The game[edit]

There are eight gametypes at the moment:

Big Air[edit]

The objective of this gametype is to make as many stunts as possible. Stunts are detected using the same mechanism responsible for Daredevils and are awarded with points. When you reach the given amount of points specified in GoalScore, you win.

Capture the Flag[edit]

There is a red flag on the map. You have to pick it up and deport it to a given central position, the deposit point. If an enemy player takes the flag, you can take it by crashing into their car.


You have a ball and multiple goals. By pushing the ball, you must get it into one of these goals. The last player to touch the ball before it falls into the goal gets a point.

King of the Hill[edit]

The objective is to dominate a central location on the map and push away all opponents to prevent them from scoring. Every second, every player on the "Hill" gets a point.


Classic, multi-lap racing. The first one to finish the given number of laps wins.


A race over a long, incontinuous stretch of road. The first one in the finish wins.


Keypoints are scattered all over the map. Once you pass one of them, you receive a flag. For every second the flag is in your posession, you get a point. Players can crash into the flag holder to steal the flag.


Just as in Rabbit, there are keypoints all over the map. At the beginning, you may pass though any keypoint you want. Once a player passes a keypoint, they get a point. After the first keypoint is passed, players may only pass the marked keypoint.

The team[edit]

Code, design, team lead[edit]

Kenneth "Shrimp" Watson


Steven Horton

Nicholas 'ProjectX' Udell

Adam 'Diego1203' Hetrick

Jonathan 'Jerdaygo' Huibregtse


The Devil's Avarcardo

Jonathan Smårs


Vehicle Conversion and Enhancements[edit]

Dave 'UltraNew-B' Mitchell


Josh 'Strangelet' Grafton (White Noise Entertainment)

Honorary mentions[edit]

Andrew 'Rebel' Clarke - Additional Music

Jonathan Curiel - Vehicle skin touch-ups

Twofer - Map work and suggestions

FuSiON - Vehicle model touch-ups

Graf1k - Rowing boat mesh (seen in UWRC-LostGods)

More Info[edit]

Check out the official website and the forums.


Note: the official forums are a better place to discuss this mod.