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Legacy:UnrealEd Menus

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This is the master page for all the window and context menus in the UnrealEd interface.

Wiki writers: when giving menu commands, quote them in full like this (unless the context is obvious):

do [[Legacy:UnrealEd Main Menu|UnrealEd Main Menu]] -> File -> New... to start a new map

This makes the menu command clearer, and streamlines the text while still giving a link for further detail. Each menu page explains where the menu is and gives the full list of commands. See also the Guidelines On Technical Names.

Menu Roots[edit]

(the second column is for quick cut & paste onto other Wiki pages)

Window menus[edit]

UnrealEd Main Menu [[Legacy:UnrealEd Main Menu|UnrealEd Main Menu]]
2D Shape Editor Menu [[Legacy:2D Shape Editor Menu|2D Shape Editor Menu]]
Texture Browser Menu [[Legacy:Texture Browser Menu|Texture Browser Menu]]
Actor Classes Browser Menu [[Legacy:Actor Classes Browser Menu|Actor Classes Browser Menu]]
Static Mesh Browser Menu [[Legacy:Static Mesh Browser Menu|Static Mesh Browser Menu]]

Context menus[edit]

Viewport Caption Context Menu [[Legacy:Viewport Caption Context Menu|Viewport Caption Context Menu]]
Viewport Context Menu [[Legacy:Viewport Context Menu|Viewport Context Menu]]
Actor Context Menu [[Legacy:Actor Context Menu|Actor Context Menu]]
Brush Context Menu [[Legacy:Brush Context Menu|Brush Context Menu]]
Surface Context Menu [[Legacy:Surface Context Menu|Surface Context Menu]]
Material Context Menu [[Legacy:Material Context Menu|Material Context Menu]]