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Table of Contents:[edit]


Who is This Book For?
What This Book is Not

Chapter 1 - A Running Start

Introducting UnrealScript
What is UnrealScript?
Why UnrealScript?
Setting Up for UnrealScript
The Compiler, a.k.a. UCC make
A Nurturing Environment
Project 1: Your First Program
UnrealScript Program Anatomy

Chapter 2 - Remembering Stuff

Chapter 3 - Controlling Your Programs

Chapter 4 - Objected Oriented Programming

Chapter 5 - The Unreal Zoo

Chapter 6 - A Replication Crash Course

Chapter 7 - How to Mutilate a Game

Chapter 8 - It's CTF, but Not

Chapter 9 - Mods and Modding

Chapter 10 - Miscellany

Appendix A - Installing UT2004

Appendix B - Setting Up UDE v3005

Appendix C - Unreal Object Heiarchy

Appendix D - Source Code


Jimboh: Currently, there's no way to directly link to the sub-sections (that I know of) so just jump to the desired chapter and use the "Quick Navigation" menu on the top of the page to go to the subsection.

Tarquin: Hi... we already have an UnrealScript Lessons page. If you think it's not doing a good enough job, please improve it instead of trying to start from scratch. I'm sorry to generalize, but massive projects like this above almost never reach completion. Small changes, however, add up. Secondly, please use screenshots only where they really show something of value. A picture of a folder with UCC.exe in it.... not useful :)

Wormbo: It's the UnrealWiki version of the eBook for UnrealScript beginners jimboh is working on, so it's actually only a copy of his work. (Probably to satisfy both elmuerte and me as we complained in that thread. ;))