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Legacy:UnrealScript Keywords

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This page lists all UnrealScript Keywords and fundamental UnrealScript data types known to our markup parser.

Almost all of these keywords are described on other UnrealWiki pages.

Unreal Engine 3+ UnrealScript Keywords


  • [Databinding]
  • [DuplicateTransient]
  • [EditFixedSize]
  • [EditorOnly]
  • [Interp]
  • [NoClear]
  • [NoImport]
  • [Private{Private}]
  • [Protected{Protected}]
  • [Public{Private}]
  • [Repnotify]


  • [Client]
  • [Server]


reliable server function servermutate(string mutatestring)
  • [Virtual]
  • [Const]


native final function bool haslinkedops( optional bool bconsiderinputlinks ) const;

Class Modifiers

  • [AutoExpandCategories()]
  • [implements()]
  • [Inherits()]
  • [NonTransient]


  • [StructDefaultProperties]

Related Topics[edit]

El Muerte: is this page magic or something? Anyway a lot of these keywords have absolutely no meaning, e.g. the are not implemented or not even parsed by the compiler. For example Invariant or always are defined, but the compiler doesn't accept them. Maybe we should split up this page in actual keywords and meaningless keyword.

Tarquin: No magic here.