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Legacy:Vehicles Pre2004/TakeDamage

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Don't kill the driver![edit]

The TakeDamage can be changed so that if the vehicle is destroyed, the driver doesn't die, but takes a lot of damage. This is useful for smaller vehicles like bikes.

function TakeDamage(int Damage, Pawn instigatedBy, Vector hitlocation, 
						Vector momentum, class<DamageType> damageType)
	Local Pawn OldDriver; //The driver that just exited
	// Avoid damage healing the car!
	if(Damage < 0)
	if(damageType == class'DamTypeSuperShockBeam')
		Health -= 100; // Instagib doesn't work on vehicles
		Health -= 0.5 * Damage; // Weapons do less damage
	// The vehicle is dead!
	if(Health <= 0)
		if ( Controller != None )
			OldDriver = Driver;
			KDriverLeave(True); // Get the player out (forced)
			//Let the driver take a lot of damage
			OldDriver.TakeDamage(120, instigatedBy, hitlocation, momentum, damageType);
		Destroy(); // Destroy the vehicle itself (see Destroyed)
	KAddImpulse(momentum, hitlocation);