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Well I'm impressed by this site - looks like a great community, hope you find my investigations useful :)


Delphi/C and very recently C# Programmer from the UK. On the gaming side 5 years odd experience of mapping for Quake2, recently made the move to UT2003 and loving it :) Also an amateur musician.


Current Projects

Been working on a couple of maps, also done a couple of Q2 conversions to get me started (Q2DM8 is in progress) -


Added some info on KActor, KConstraint (and subclasses), KVehicleFactory, BulldogFactory.

Nicee :)



Tarquin: Hi there! Welcome to the site. we're a community of nutcases :D (see UnrealEd Goblin to see why. BTW, when doing ";..." markup, don't put a newline after the ":". (see KConstraint, I've fixed it :) )

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Hey! I feel offended, tarquin! :)

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Also, could you please convert the longest yard from it?

Violator: But thats from the evil Q3 - I couldn't bring myself ;)

ZxAnPhOrIaN: Ahhh... (anyway, there is a longest yard for UT, not UT2003!)

Violator: Hmm might be persuaded then ;) Actually its a pretty cool map - there was a Q2 version as well I remember called the longest 3 feet :). Got a couple of DM maps on the go at the moment, (yet another) Egypt style one and a building site.

Tarquin: Make a UT2003 version called "the longest 90cm" :p

Violator: :) Actually I've thrown in a smurfball and converted a Neverwinter Nights map :D Currently in the final throes of testing.