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Who Am I?[edit]

Hello, I am a programmer currently employed by Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I've been away from the Unreal scene for a couple of years, but the release of UT2003 led to my hiring and my subsequent return.

Current Project[edit]

I am currently working as part of the RETSINA group for Dr. Katia Sycara of the CMU Robotics Institute. My project involves modifying UT2003 to serve as a realitic simulation of military tactics. Basically, I'm making bots that act in a realistic manner, in accordance with an actual military handbook. Part of the project focuses on low level tasks, such as seeking cover, finding paths, etc., but I also have to deal with high level tasks such as dispatching different fireteams of soldiers to accomplish different goals. I'm currently the only programmer, and the project is still in its infancy, but hopefully I'll be able to get things going in a hurry.

Previous Projects[edit]

I worked on a defunct real-weapons mod for UT for a while, until it collapsed.

What I Can Contribute[edit]

Well, I'm not sure exactly what the CMU policy is for the release of any information that is part of a funded project, but its a pretty laid back environment, so I think if I come up with anything that may be of use to the community, I can probably put it up here.

Contact Info[edit]

If anyone is interested in anything I'm doing, drop me a line at my personal email address at VonStrohmen@hotmail.com

Feel free to offer suggestions, I might update my progress on this page.

Current Progress[edit]


Right now I'm experimenting with Scripted Sequences as a means of having squads of soldiers realistically round corners and clear rooms. I'm using a subclass of AIMarker called CoverNode to denote places where cover may be found, then directing soldiers to seek cover and search for enemies prior to moving into the open.


Single bot successfully used cover to nagivate through T-Intersection. Now I'm trying to do it with 2 using SquadAI, but I have to go and set up team info first - ugh.

Mychaeel: Welcome to the Wiki.  :-)