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UT : Actor (UT) >> Info (UT) >> ZoneInfo (UT) >> WaterZone (Package: UnrealShare)

A WaterZone actor, when placed into a sealed zone, fills the zone with water. The actor has things like the splash sound that entering the water makes all built in. For a WaterZone, pretty much the only thing you have to modify is the location string, and even that you could leave as "Underwater". A WaterZone is probably the most hands-off ZoneInfo actor out there. Just place it and go.

Default properties[edit]

The WaterZone actor doesn't provide any additional script, the same effect could be achieved by a normal ZoneInfo actor using these properties:

  • ZoneName = "Underwater"
  • EntrySound = Sound'UnrealShare.Generic.DSplash'
  • ExitSound = Sound'UnrealShare.Generic.WtrExit1'
  • EntryActor = Class'UnrealShare.WaterImpact'
  • ExitActor = Class'UnrealShare.WaterImpact'
  • bWaterZone = True
  • ViewFlash = (X=-0.078000,Y=-0.078000,Z=-0.078000)
  • ViewFog = (X=0.128900,Y=0.195300,Z=0.175780)

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