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Object >> WebRequest

An object representing a web request.


string URI 
string Username 
string Password 
int ContentLength 
string ContentType 
ERequestType RequestType 
private native const int VariableMap[5] 
// TMultiMap<FString, FString>!
(What does that mean?)
Don't bother to list it, you can't use it anyway. It's a placeholder for a hash implemented in C++. —Mychaeel

ERequestType enum[edit]



Native functions[edit]

native final function string DecodeBase64 (string Encoded) 
native final function AddVariable (string VariableName, string Value) 
native final function string GetVariable (string VariableName, optional string DefaultValue) 
native final function int GetVariableCount (string VariableName) 
native final function string GetVariableNumber (string VariableName, int Number, optional string DefaultValue) 

Other functions[edit]

function ProcessHeaderString (string S) 
function DecodeFormData (string Data) 
function int GetHexDigit(string D) 
Returns a number from 0 to 15 that corresponds to the character D. (0-9 and A-F, not casesensitive)