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A server for web-based remote administration.


config string Applications[10] 
WebApplication classes.
Defaults in UT are: Applications[0]="UTServerAdmin.UTServerAdmin" and Applications[1]="UTServerAdmin.UTImageServer"
config string ApplicationPaths[10] 
The paths used when accessing the web pages provided by the WebApplications. This value is ignored for the default application.
config int ListenPort 
config int MaxConnections 
Maximum number of connections allowed simultanously. Default is 30.
config string ServerName 
config bool bEnabled 
Whether web-based remote administration is enabled.
config int DefaultApplication 
The default WebApplication.
string ServerURL 
WebApplication ApplicationObjects[10] 
int ConnectionCount 
Current number of connections.


function BeginPlay ( ) 
Sets up the applications by setting their Level, WebServer and Path properties and calling their Init() function.
event Destroyed ( ) 
Shuts down the WebApplications by calling their CleanUp function.
event GainedChild (Actor C)
event LostChild (Actor C) 
These are used to count the current number of connections.
function WebApplication GetApplication(string URI, out string SubURI)