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I've started this subpage to develop my ideas on Wikis in general, and the Unreal Wiki specifically. I just read Tarqin's recent mumbling (Tarquin/Mumblings) and I hate to think that the greatest part of the Unreal community would crust over and die from its own self-importance. In response, I want to come up with some ideas in a secluded area of the Wiki that might be good ideas for Wiki development.

Thread Mode – Killer of Wikis[edit]

First and foremost, I want to come up with some strategies for turning MeatBall:ThreadMode into real Wiki pages. I see pages and pages of thread-mode discussion and I want to turn it into good Wiki material, but I can't think of a way to do it and, alternatively, want to delete it. But, at the same time, I can't delete it.

I'm somewhat of a packrat (in every sense), and won't throw something out if I can possibly help it. I'm one of those people who holds on to Altoid tins (I might be able to put [www.ikwarmachine.com Warmachine] miniatures in them! Or at least that's my justification), I hold onto uncompleted assingnment printouts from tenth grade (I'm in my third year of college), I have a neurosis of conservation.

Another part of it is that sometimes there is some valuable information in a thread, and I don't want to kill it outright, but it's either too specific or is about the wrong topic for it to reasonably stay around.

So at some point, soon, I want to come up with some basic ideas about handling out-of-control discussions. Any comments, pointers, or... thread-mode discussion is welcome:

Tarquin: well... the trick is to extract the factual stuff and remove the discussion. But don't be too zealous – I've just restored quite a few useful things to the Mover page :) If stuff deemes irrelevant to the current page, then... I don't know! See if you can find a better page, or start one.