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Hello, I'm Xhiris, or at least that's the name I use online.

I've just started messing with the Unreal engine in earnest, mainly trying to understand the classes of DeusEx.

Things I'd like to try:

  • Export Unreal class objects to XML,
    • I'm trying this with DeusEx Conversation objects now - hopefully to get some sense of how it fits together.
  • Figure out how to enumerate properties of Unrealscript classes, and find out if Unrealscript reflection is possible.

And ideas specific to DeusEx:

  • Refactor the codebase
    • Remove the multiplayer code, or possibly split it out to a new object heirarchy
  • Create useful objects to use in levels
    • An Elevator Control panel like the Keypad objects, pops up in the HUD with controls for level, doors, alarm, etc.

I've only just started, so maybe I'm biting off more than I can chew. Nonetheless, It's going to be fun trying!

(see also Legacy:Xhiris/Developer Journal

My Projects[edit]

 * Legacy:Xhiris/Xenithia a "world" I'm working on building.  No coherent story - yet!
 * Messing with Deus Ex Conversations
 * Learning UnrealScript and the Deus Ex codebase by trying to refactor it
 * XML tools for UnrealScript
 * Code generation within UnrealScript, maybe?

Contact Information[edit]


All spam will be sent to the bit bucket with extreme prejudice.

EntropicLqd: Welcome to the Wiki. Hope you enjoy your stay here.

Tarquin: Hello and welcome :)

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