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Hi Zedsquared. Welcome to the chaos that is the Unreal Wiki :-) I've added your name to Category:Legacy Personal PageTarquin

OK, better introduce myself I suppose:

Who is this Zedsquared guy anyway?[edit]

Coder for the fabulously retro-cool UTron Project

Part time contributor to that most ancient of collaborative software projects: FractInt

Owner of a silly email address: comdotatdotcom@comdotat.com

Denizen of a large city in the south west of england: You can see my house from up here!

Member of The GoE

... and generally a tall, hairy, boffin type.

Guest Book[edit]

Nice picture of your house there. Is it the one with the red roof?  ;-) —Mychaeel
heh, you guessed! Yep it's all victorian terraces round there, any colour you like as long as it's red :-)
You worked on Fractint? WOW! I used to run that on my 386 when I was at school! – Tarquin
I must add that I wasn't involved in the higher mathematical wizardry much but was more into massaging the interface gubbins.
You should check out the latest incarnation, there's not been too much change over the last couple of years but if you haven't seen V20 give it a go, there's some nice toys in there including my interactive fractal evolver. Nowadays processors are so fast you'll have the initial Mset screen generated before your monitor has had a chance to switch modes! But fear not, it doesn't take too long to zoom in so far that images are taking half an hour again especially now we can use arbitrary precision... 1600 decimal places anyone? :-) It's still dos mode but things are afoot (finally) for a decent gui version. – Zedsquared (+c of course! )

EntropicLqd: How's the UTron project coming along? Tron is still one of my fave films ever.

Hi Ent, UTron is ticking along, we're on a coding push at the moment and things are firming up nicely for internal test release pretty soon with any luck. For the latest news check out our new site or even browse through our code repository on sourceforge here if you're feeling adventurous, but bear in mind that it's not ready for release yet and some large binary resources are missing from the repository ( as we didn't want to abuse SF's hospitality )oh and no maps there either so you can't just check it all out and compile a preview, all usual disclaimers apply, your mileage may vary etc, sorry :-)

Tarquin: I don't know if you're still around, Zed. Certainly, your GP pages have been static for over a year. So I've been bold and moved the contents as I suggested some time ago to Genetic Programming so they're a bit easier for people to find and navigate. Hope you don't mind :D