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Foxpaw: Can this be renamed, since it deals only with attaching things to movers, and not attaching things to bones, or just using plain old attach or setbase?

Tarquin: "Attaching to movers"?

Foxpaw: That could work. Alternatively we could add stuff on those other topics here, though admittedly I've never had any success with the "Attach" function and only sporadic results with Setbase.

MythOpus: I suggest making a base page called Attaching or something and have subpages for attaching actors to movers and bones etc...

~~ Sounds good :)

~~ Thanks :) I think I'll get right no it then. Can you rename this page to Attaching_To_Movers or something? And do you want it to be a sub-page of " Attaching_Stuff " or just a page on it's own?

GTD-Carthage: I've done everything correctly but no matter what happens, BlockPlayer actors don't move with the attachmover. I've tied up everything correctly and even investigated twice. Are BlockPlayer actors really just static actors?

Ragdoll: I dont know about other games, but in Devastation if you try to change bStatic to false to attach an actor you will get a violent crash when played online. You even get a message in the map check errors box saying "actor X is bStatic=False, but is bStatic by default, map will fail in netplay".

Musha: What kinds of actors can be attached to a mover? I'm trying to attach a weapon base to a mover, but for the life of me, I can't get it to work. Can these types of actors just not be attached to a mover? I understand that this will be excluded from bot pathing, but since its a player-activated assault objective, it doesn't matter. .

See the bStatic section. --Eliot 10 February 2010