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Mortal Monkey: Does anyone know how to SET (and GET) array elements? Apparantly the good old brackets don't work.

Foxpaw: I don't think that you can. Though if it is indeed possible I would be highly interested in how to do it.

Mychaeel: You can set an entire array as set MyClass MyArray (1,2,3,4,5).

Mortal Monkey: Thanks :). I put it up there for ya.

Mortal Monkey: Well, I can't get it to work. I even made a mutator with a few arrays and a 'mutate ardump' command, but the best I could get was to set the first array element through skiping the parenthesis. I also tried some brackets and clamps, but to no avail.

XxDangerxX: I've found the same thing. You simply cannot do it with the way Mychaeel explained. HOWEVER!!! In the 451 update (which is apparently dodgy unless you're running a server), you can set an array like so:

set Package.Class Array <#> Value

See the release notes: [1]

Bartje321: Quit does the same as exit, only it waits till the server is empty.

Kamek: MM/Mych: I think that only works with dynamic arrays.

Lucifer Is there any way to specify a certain actor out of the group in the map, in-game, with the set command? Such as to set the Teleporter tag's and url's on each individual teleporter with just a command?

Mortal Monkey: You can set the properties of individual actors throug the EditActors command (see debugging).

EricBlade: I would like to note that these commands do not appear to be related directly to the engine, as they are actually somehow added from the Admin class. In Land of the Dead, not a one of these commands work (i had to write a mutator to give us basic admin capabilities. If anyone has any insight on how this actually works, and why these commands would not work in a game, please let me know ;)

Virmitio: Has anyone tried something like (MyArray+2) to get other elements (in this case the third one, in theory)? As for why this doesn't work in-game, it looks to me like the engine is written to allow direct code execution, just not always from the standard input (in this case, the console). I'm going to toy with this some more and see what I can find.

XxDangerxX: Can anyone suggest a way to have 2 passwords: a master one for server administration and a sub-password so select people who know it can use cheats like god and fly?

UBCS Spawn: I want to learn how to use the Adminlogin for the game but it does not let me do it i wanted to do the password but i dont know how i need some help please I also want to know what is the codes Myclass MyArray (1,2,3,4,5,).

XxJasonXx:' i dont know how to use the adminlogin for Land of the Dead i need some help for this game.