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5parrowhawk: I've had some trouble with Milkshape's PSA export. Seems the program doesn't autoswap the y and z axes for joint rotation, meaning that the rotation data in an exported PSA is all out of whack unless you use only the x-axis.

Anyone else have this problem? I can't find the settings in Milkshape to swap axes, if there are any.

Bob_The_Beheader: Great piece of software, especially for importing/exporting models and stuff. It's

pretty poor for creating models by itself, but just friggin' awesome when it comes to taking models from

other programs and getting them into the game.

Feralidragon: I was wondering, I am using MilkShape 1.8.2 for modelling to Unreal Tournament Classic or GOTY, and at the beggining, I exported many models to _d.3d and _a.3d formats (unreal format) without any problems, all perfect. But one day, it started to export them with little and big distortions in the models, and I don't know what's hapenning. I already tried to make a total new reinstall (uninstalled, deleted all MilkShape related files, except the models, and install again), and it didn't work. The funny thing, is that I stored a model in unreal format in my HD at the beggining, and model is fine, but when i import it to this MilkShape, the importer itself distorts the model. So both exporter and importer are distorting my models. Anyone know what's happening and how to solve this?