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Legacy talk:Tarquin Brushbuilders

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Where ?

I used Tarquin BrushBuilders a LOT when I was mapping with Unrealed 2.0, and they used to provide much more control than Epic's usual brushbuilders, even thought I used them very little in my few released maps. I also used some of them with Unrealed 3.0 for most of my work on UT2004.

However, it is now impossible to find these tools over the net. Event Tarquin's webpage at planet Unreal shows mostly dead links. A few versions are still available at FileFront, but mostly for UT99. A few of them have been found for UT2004, but they are compressed in UT4MOD format with obvious problems (not detecting UT2004 and denying installation is an exemple), and since Tarquin has disappeared from the web, it's hard to fix it.

So I was wondering if anyone had a complete set of Tarquin's great brushes for both Ued 2.0 and 3.0, so he might upload it and provide working links on this page. If necessary, I can provide UT99's versions of :

  • Tarquin brush builder pack 100
  • Tarquin Extended brush Builder pack 100
  • Tarquin Extrude Builder 80

All of them are under .zip format. Would it be possible to obtain a kind of agreement from tarquin ? or from the administrators of UW ?