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Legacy talk:Weapon Mutator Tutorial

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Im very new in Unrealscript. I did all first tutorials and they did it fine. Now i want to finish this one but i got this:

Error in MutMinigunHE.uc (14): Unrecognized member '|' in class 'xWeaponBase' (im using UMake)

if (xWeaponBase(Other) != None )
        if ( string(xWeaponBase(Other).| class="me1">WeaponType ) ~= "XWeapons.Minigun" )
            xWeaponBase(Other).| class="me1">WeaponType = class'MinigunHE';
            return false;

pls help, thx

Oh, that looks like a bug in the script formatter. Must be related to our recent MediaWiki upgrade, we'll look into that. Remove everything from '|' to the next '>' and it should compile. —Wormbo 15:54, 29 July 2009 (UTC)